About us

Our Company “Heat Proofing, Waterproofing & Epoxy Flooring” is a professional roof coating company that is locally owned with over 10 years’ experience. We have served thousands of fulfilled clients in Pakistan and the near areas. Whether you live in an apartment, a home, or a industry, we will service your roof Heat, Leakage related issues competently for you.


Heat Proofing

Chemical is use for Roof and Walls to protect you from Summer scorching heat. It can be applied on walls and roof. Heat Proofing, is used as a protector and helpful element for home, offices or commercial buildings structure.



Chemical is use for Roof, Walls, Washroom, Basement, Water Tanks, Swimming pool etc. We provide all kinds of leakage or seepage issue treatment.


Epoxy Flooring

It is a decorative paint, which can be applied on floors. We deals in three kinds of epoxy flooring: First is Self leveling epoxy or single color epoxy, Seconds is Metallic epoxy which have two or more different colors effect and third is 3D Wallpaper Epoxy Flooring in which 3D natural or texture wallpaper is apply on floor and this wallpaper can also be use for walls.